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Affiliate Programmes

On the one hand they seem like a great idea. The perfect arrangement. A bunch of people doing the work for you, using their audiences to sell your product.


And now, you’ve already launched your programmes successfully, and an affiliate launch looks to be the next logical step.

  • But surely you’re giving up half of your profits?

  • Then you’ll need to sell twice as many won’t you?

  • And how will you find affiliates who “get you” and your offer?

  • It seems a bit of a headache, is it really worth the effort?

Hi, I'm Lisa

Ladies and gentlemen it's time to take your programmes to the next level and become an

Affiliate Genius is an eight week intensive for a small group of experienced business owners to work through creating the perfect affiliate programme for your signature product or service. 


If you have had consecutive successful launches, this opportunity is for you. The opportunity to take your success and leverage it by designing an affiliate launch that is created specifically for you - and your ideal clients.




  • The Model

    A deep dive into what you are launching and how it is structured; every affiliate launch needs a solid and scalable product to begin with.


  • 2

    The Method

    Working out what type of launch will work for you and who is needed to make it happen. Working with that information we will map out the timeline for your launch to take place including recruiting your affiliates and giving them plenty of time to get to know your product or service.

  • The Metrics

    What numbers are needed to make this launch a success? How can you measure those numbers and keep track? We'll teach you how to make this a seamless process.  We'll also discuss your price point and how to find the sweet spot to make sure it is still a profitable launch for your business.


  • 4

    The Make Up

    The structure of your launch step by step. What you need, what your affiliates need and how to bring it all together.

  • The Messaging

    Getting clear on your values feeds into how you will recruit affiliates and align your messaging with their businesses. We'll cover how to recruit, how to communicate and how to reward different types of people, as well as discussing how to create your asset banks.


  • 6

    The Momentum

    The reason affiliate launches can work so well is because of the buzz created around them! How do you drill up the enthusiasm AND most importantly keep it going until the cart closes? We'll give you the tools to make this work in your business. We'll also cover how to reward your affiliates and make them want to return again and again.

  • The Management

    Keeping going through your own launch and an affiliate launch can be tricky to manage - we will give you our proven strategies on how to make this work AND keep it enjoyable, as well as setting your own limits and boundaries to enable maximum success.


  • 8

    Your questions answered

    We know that everyone's launch will be different, so we are dedicating the last week to your questions and a hive mind approach of troubleshooting, querying and celebrating.


What we will cover:

  • Why challenges work

  • What you should be preparing beforehand to make your life easy

  • How to warm up your audience ready for the challenge

  • When to use ads in your launch

  • How to design a challenge

  • What automation you need and how you can do this with no budget

  • Using social media and email in challenge launches

  • How to get your audience to commit to the challenge

  • Organisation in the challenge group

  • What happens step by step during the challenge

  • Community management

  • Daily reminders that work

  • Some little secret boosters I use to get results every time!

  • How to use workbooks during the challenge

  • Relationship building and personal outreach

  • Planting sales seeds

  • Why added webinars work and how to map one out

  • Assets needed throughout

You’ll also get my challenge checklist to take away, and a calculator to help you plan your launch!

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